Feature - Function - Benefit

The HDR OLED display of Xperia XZ3 presents perfect black, lifelike colours and exquisite contrast. With X-Reality™ for mobile, content in SDR-quality is up-converted to nearly High Dynamic Range (HDR), reducing noise and improving both clarity and textures. Sony's Dynamic Vibration System lets your customers feel on-screen action in their hands.

Xperia XZ3's intelligent 19MP Motion Eye™ camera is always ready to capture the unexpected. Smart launch gets the camera ready as soon as the phone is lifted. Predictive capture judges movements and automatically takes up to four photos.

The Xperia XZ3 lets your customers record movies in stunning 4K HDR. Super slow motion in HD and Full HD allows your customers to capture hidden moments in even crisper detail. 3D Creator captures objects in real life and turns them into high-resolution 3D avatars.

High-Resolution Audio* ensures music sounds as the artist intended, with all the details and nuances. LDAC lets your customers enjoy music in near high-resolution quality via Bluetooth**. And our new stereo speakers have more sound pressure than ever before – for a louder sound experience.

* High-Resolution Audio requires compatible wired headset and use of conversion cable. ** LDAC requires compatible headset or speaker.

Featuring the latest processor by Qualcomm®, Xperia XZ3 offers seamless multitasking and blazing fast performance. With Side sense, the Xperia XZ3 becomes even more convenient – especially when using it with one hand. The 3330mAh battery combined with Smart STAMINA lets the Xperia XZ3 stay powered up for longer.

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